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21 Jan 15 - 18:48

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Hugh saddler was not correct about heat pumps.Not all heat pumps are boosted with gas or electricity mine is not boosted at all.It has such a large tank that if i switch it off i will still have 3 4 days of hot water.The efficiency of my heat pump will drop to about 140% at 10 degrees celcius.Even in the coldest of winter dawns canberra temperatures do not drop that low, and then for only a few hours(When the pump is unlikely to be running).

At 15 degress celcius the cop is 300%, at 25 degrees celcius its 400%.It appears to me the the average efficiency of my unit is about 300% hugh was saying that that was the maximum efficiency.

These figures are available on a website, but its a commercial website so i won post the link.If anyone is interested, buy christian louboutin online cheap i would gladly provide the info if contacted(I in the phone book).

The efficiency of an electric water heater is 98%.The efficiency of a gas storage system is 70%.Solar systems need boosting pretty much all of the time christian louboutin shoe sale in winter, and require expensive installation and correct orientation above the roof.

I agree with hugh that instant gas water heaters(No tank)Have compelling features over solar or heatpumps(But no rebates: ( )

Also the act government did have(Don know if its still there)A comparison chart between the different systems.Heat pumps are better than solar when the water consumption is relatively high(Read:You have a family and some of the members are teenagers)

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